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Psychotherapy & Counselling

A Jungian Approach to Healing and Growth

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Helena Rocca, Registered Psychotherapist    Jungian-Oriented Psychotherapy & Counselling    St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada    289-501-5533

Helena Rocca, Registered Psychotherapist

Jungian-Oriented Psychotherapy & Counselling

St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada




Welcome. My name is Helena Rocca. I am a registered psychotherapist in private practice. If you are looking for psychotherapy or counselling, I hope the information provided here will give you an idea of how I work.

I work from a person-centred perspective that affirms your uniqueness, dignity and strength. I provide a private space for you to reveal your innermost self and life experiences, knowing that you will be heard and understood. My role is to listen, reflect and foster your capacity for insight, change, and self-actualization. Our work together will include significant attention to unconscious factors that may present as dreams, symptoms, internal conflicts or obstacles that stifle new possibilities.

My approach is firmly rooted in Jungian depth psychology and also integrates other branches of psychology depending on your needs. From the Jungian perspective, life's crises are opportunities for greater personal development and growth. And therapy is a creative process of self-discovery and unfolding that seeks meaning and purpose while working through the challenges and suffering inherent in our shared human experience.  

If you would like to book an appointment, please email me at or use the contact form near the bottom of this page. You can also leave me a voicemail at 289-501-5533 and I will return your call within one business day.

About Me

I have helped adult individuals work through a wide range of personal and interpersonal issues and concerns, including:

  • life crises

  • relationship problems

  • emotional difficulties, anxiety, depression, anger

  • grief and loss

  • trauma

  • childhood trauma

  • life transitions in young adulthood, midlife, and old age

  • sexual and gender diversity

  • spiritual crisis

  • spiritual emergency

  • life-limiting illness

  • traumatic brain injury

  • dementia and Alzheimer' Disease

My professional interests include:

  • Depth psychotherapy, with an emphasis on Jungian Psychology

  • Transpersonal Psychotherapy

  • Trauma-Focused Therapies

  • Multicultural Therapy

  • Mindfulness and Meditation

  • the relationship between suffering and transformation

  • the relationship between trauma and creativity

  • the role of empathy in psychological healing

  • the role of the unconscious and the imaginal (including dreams, symbols, myths, imagination, and altered states of consciousness) in healing and growth

  • the role of spirituality in psychological healing and well-being

I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, and a Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology (MACP) from Yorkville University in Fredericton, New Brunswick. I received a certificate in Jungian Psychotherapy from the Zur Institute in Sebastopol, California. I am a Registered Psychotherapist and member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. 

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Fees & Contact Form

The rate for therapy sessions is $100.00 per hour to be paid at the end of each session in cash, or by cheque, credit card or email transfer.

Although not covered by OHIP, some extended health insurance plans may cover treatment. I provide receipts that you may submit to your insurer for reimbursement, but do not bill insurance companies directly. If you have an extended health plan, please confirm with your insurer or HR department before booking an appointment that treatment with a “Registered Psychotherapist” is covered.

The cost of non-reimbursed services provided by Registered Psychotherapists is recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency as a medical expense that may be eligible for tax credit. 

** Available for online counselling via Skype**

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Helena Rocca, MACP, RP

Psychotherapy & Counselling
Private Practice

73 Ontario Street, Unit 102D
St. Catharines, ON, L2R 5J5

To arrange an appointment, please email me at

You can also contact me by telephone at 289.501.5533. If I am unavailable, please leave a message and I will return your call within 1 business day.

There is no birth of consciousness without pain.
— C. G. Jung
We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.
— Joseph Campbell